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Q: Does the EZPick3.Com system REALLY work?

A: Yes, if you follow the steps and strategies within the system, you will be able to learn how to put the odds in your favor time after time playing the pick3 lottery. It is a proven and well applied system.

Q: Is this system just like every other system out there?

A: No! This is a completely original system created by a mathematical genius who with trial and error perfected this unique winning system. This is not a website clone or somebody else's system. You cannot find this information anywhere else on the internet.

Q: Is this system complicated? What exactly do I have to do?

A: No, this system is not complicated at all. As long as you can read and follow directions you will be ready to go. The system requires you to pull up some past results from your state lottery, use the step-by-step system, and simply play the numbers. It's a very easy and straight forward system.

Q: Do I receive this product in the mail or over the internet?

The EZPick3 system will be delivered to the email address you put on the order form as soon as your order has been received.

Q: Does the EZPick3 system work in other countries as well?

A: The EZPick3 system has only been tested in all states of the U.S. but may work with any international pick 3 lottery as well. However, we only guarantee that the system works with any states pick 3 lottery in the Unites States.

Q: What if the EZPick3 system doesn't work for me?

A: Simply ask for a 100% refund. We back this amazing system completely by offering a 100% refund to any customer that is not happy with the results. View our 100% money back guarantee.

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